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Meet Devin

Entrepreneur, Best-Selling  author, and motivational speaker

Devin D. Coleman is an author, public speaker, and single father advocate whose work embodies the art of turning tragedy into triumph.


He values the power of expression and narrative development which inspired him to study and pursue the art of audio, visual, and written storytelling.


He currently serves on The Nurse-Family Partnership, Florida Expansion Advisory Committee, Power of the Parents in Child Protection Advisory Panel, Florida Association of Healthy Start Coalitions as the Parent Lead Consultant, and Florida Institute of Child Welfare at FSU as a member of The GROW Center Advisory Committee and a Researcher. He’s also obtained several certifications from the National Fatherhood Initiative which has created opportunities to speak and facilitate workshops at various events.


His mission is to work with companies and organizations that serve men to offer them the tools and resources that will elevate them to unlock and reach their full potential.


Devin currently resides in Jacksonville, Florida with his 14-year-old daughter and is a member of Leadership Jacksonville Class of 2024.

Trust your intuition and success will follow

Devin Coleman

Devin Coleman


Mr. Coleman has always been refreshing to

the Johnson family YMCA through his Guy

Talk. His program offers a secure space for

candid conversations, allowing young men

to open up and discuss their experiences

and the issues they face. Mr. Coleman has

established a trust circle where young men

can discuss various topics, including

emotional intelligence and how to overcome

societal expectations of black youth.

The program also explores what it means to

be a man and encourages breaking away

from traditional stereotypes.

Lenwood Bruce

S.T.E.A.M Program Coordinator

The global impact of, “Fatherhood Fridays“

have been felt far and wide. His words have

challenged fathers from the east coast to west

coast and all the way into the Caribbean.

Beyond Devin’s phenomenal character and

impeccable integrity, we have been thoroughly

impressed and deeply inspired with his

consistency. He is a man of his word and

changed the trajectory of several fathers, for

the good, without organization.

Devin’s wisdom, words of encouragement

and fatherly insights are life changing,

mindset altering and heart assuring.

Brian Keith

Executive Director, Prayer Warriors Global

Mr. Coleman offered an extensive and

effective communications training that

focused on active listening and critical

thinking. Both his calm demeanor and

presentation style provided a comfortable

environment that stimulated the

opportunity for growth and

team building.

Jessica Younts

Justice Impact Alliance

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