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How it works...

We have several curated workshops to cater to various businesses and organizations like yours. Simply schedule a consultation for more information and assistance with choosing the most beneficial workshop for your members/employees. We look forward to serving your organization or business in the near future.

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Guy Talk:

In this day and age, young men (13-18) have life coming at them quickly. In this workshop, I'll be doing the following:


• We are providing a safe space for open and honest dialogue.

• Discuss ways to navigate the challenges of today.

• We will discuss delayed gratification and long-term goals.

Fatherhood Engagement:

Approximately 18.3 million children are in a home without a father. The data shows how fatherhood engagement increases the likelihood of a child's future success. In this workshop, I will 


• Identify ways to re-engage fathers.

• Identify opportunities to ensure your workplace, program, or organization is father-friendly.

• Identify creative ways for fathers to establish and strengthen relationships with their children.

Turning the Curve:  

None of us are exempt from life's challenges. We want to "Turn the Curve' to overcome adversity but don't know how. In this workshop, I'll help you do the following:


• Identify the root cause of your challenge.

• Find the opportunities within the challenge.

• Create a solid foundation to build a new life.


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Pricing & Booking

All Consulting & Coaching Services require a consultation to better assess the needs of you and/or your business or organization. Please click the link below to submit a consultation request,

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