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Dad's Importance to the Family:  Data shows the impact of a father missing from the family and his child's life.  

• How do we get Dad to re-engage?

• What tools do they need?

• How to navigate the system?

• How does an organization support the family by supporting the dad?

Decision Making; Lessons Learned from College to Prison to College Graduate: 

• How can we address some challenges first-generation college students face?

• The value in learning from the failures and successes of others.

• Building resilience to go from instant gratification to delayed gratification.


Turning the Curve: Over the Obstacles of life

• How do you shift your perspective from victim to victor?

• How do you begin seeing the opportunity within your challenges?

• How do you identify what skills are transferable from one walk of life to another?

• Tips for overcoming survivor's guilt.

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