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Why Dads Matter: Exploring Their Importance in the Family 

Devin discusses the importance of fathers in creating resilient and thriving families. He highlights the impact of a father's presence, parenting style, and involvement on children's well-being and development, drawing on personal experience and research insights. The speech provides practical tips to overcome common barriers that hinder fathers from engaging fully with their families. Ultimately, the goal is to encourage fathers to take an active role in their children's lives and build stronger and more connected families.

From College, to Prison, and Back Again: The Importance of Decision Making

Devin shares his personal experience of going from college to prison and back again, exploring the importance of decision-making. He highlights pivotal moments in his life that led to incarceration and how he turned his life around through intentional choices. His story serves as a powerful example of the impact of decision-making, and he offers practical insights and advice for making positive choices. The speech is engaging and informative, providing valuable takeaways and actionable strategies for making better decisions.


Beyond Obstacles: A Man’s Approach to Turning the Curve

Devin explores how to shift one's perspective from being a victim to becoming a victor, and how to recognize opportunities within challenges. Additionally, he discusses ways to identify and transfer valuable skills from one area of life to another. The speech also addresses the common hurdle of survivor's guilt, and provides tips for overcoming this obstacle. Drawing on his own personal experiences, Devin offers actionable advice and strategies for men to turn the curve and succeed in all areas of their lives. The speech is both informative and empowering, leaving the audience with valuable takeaways for breaking through barriers and achieving their goals.

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