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Before you read this book, you must understand that I wrote these poems when I was lost, confused, and in a great deal of pain. I was separated from life as I knew it, and then stripped of my identity, dignity, and self-pride. I am not proud of everything that I have done, but I regret nothing. The trying times, as well as the bad decisions, are as much of my make-up as are the triumphs and progress I’ve made since my release.


As you read these poems, take them for what they are worth. At times they are my thoughts and my feelings, and at times a cry for help. Now I take full responsibility for my actions, knowing that I define myself... and not by the expectations of others, no matter how good or bad. Sit back and enjoy the journey through Prisoner to Poet: Poetry and Prose.

Prisoner To Poet 2nd Edition ebook

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